How MCF Works

ArrowSignAnyone can donate a car or other vehicle to MCF. Most donors are people who have a love for missions and want to be a blessing to those who faithfully serve the Lord in other lands. MCF accepts all kinds of vehicles: cars, trucks, vans, RVs, boats and even planes! (Go to our Donate page for detailed instructions.

Vehicles are Refurbished or Sold

Each vehicle that is donated is thoroughly inspected and analyzed for its highest and best use. Good reliable vehicles will have any minor repairs made, given new tires and an oil change. They are then loaned out to missionaries to use while serving in the US. Cars that are not deemed suitable for missionary use are sold and the proceeds are used to do needed repairs and maintenance on other MCF vehicles. Most recreational vehicles, planes, boats and high maintenance vehicles are sold for this purpose. This is how MCF can operate its fleet of cars while only charging the missionary a small user fee.

Missionaries Apply for a MCF Car

Once a missionary knows their schedule and when they will be returning to the US, they can contact MCF to request a car for the months they will need a vehicle. A missionary may request the use of a car for up to one year. Most generally use the cars between three to six months. MCF will try to loan cars that match each missionary’s family size. A missionary may request a car up to nine months prior to their need date. (See our Application page for more details.)

Who Does MCF Loan Cars To?

Macedonian Call Foundation only loans cars to evangelical missionaries who are currently serving in foreign lands. They must serve on the field through an appointed missionary organization and must return to the field following their domestic stay. MCF will loan a vehicle to any evangelical missionary, serving through any recognized sending agency.

MCF does not loan  vehicles to benevolent cases, ministers, out of town visitors or any non-foreign missionary personnel.

MCF of Texas only loans cars to qualified missionaries who will spend their furlough in Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri or Louisiana.
(See other MCF locations page for additional states.)

Non-Refundable Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of $175 is required and due upon receipt of confirmation from MCF regarding vehicle availability.

Monthly User Fee

The USER FEE for use of an MCF vehicle is $250 per month (this includes liability insurance). All cars have a full tank of gas, current oil change and are in good working order. Borrowers are required to do all minor maintenance on the car while it is in their possession. (Oil changes, tire repairs, batteries, headlights, etc..) Each missionary is required to return the car cleaned, inside and out, with a full tank of gas and a current oil change. There is a $50 fee charged at vehicle return if the vehicle is not returned in accordance with the above.

MCF Affiliations

MCF is not supported regularly by any organizations, churches or individuals. Most of its operating funds come from donations of vehicles or other assets from private individuals and churches.

MCF of Texas also partners with other independent sister MCF ministries in other states: Mississippi, Georgia & South Carolina. (See other MCF locations page)